Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society

The following are the major achievements of EWNHS in the last two decades:

1.  Pioneer in promoting Environmental Education within Ethiopia, working through Nature Clubs established in over 400 Elementary & Secondary Schools, Teacher Training Colleges and Communities distributed throughout the country,

2. Published and disseminated over 40 assorted thematic environmental support publications, including brochures, posters, fact sheets, resource materials, club guides, booklets, magazines, Walia Journal and books to various target audiences,

3. Initiated and pioneered the promotion of World Environment Day (WED) celebrations in Ethiopia,

4. Conducted an intensive assessment and identified 69 key sites within Ethiopia that are extremely important for conservation of endemic and threatened birds and other taxa, and published a book on the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Ethiopia, a first inventory of its kind in Africa,

5. Served as spring board for establishment of quite a number of successful conservation institutions in Ethiopia, as some Executive Directors and key staff members of these institutions used to be Members of School Nature Clubs established by EWNHS in the past,

6. Raised and distributed over 3.5 million seedlings of assorted indigenous and exotic plant species to be planted in school and sacred grounds, and highly degraded landscapes,

7. Played decisive roles in improving the conservation status of  the White-winged Flufftail, a globally Endangered bird species, by conserving its paloustrine wetland  habitats through  working and using the Site Support Group (SSG) at Berga IBA site as entry point to the wider community and local government stakeholders,

8. Successful in recording good rapport and  fostering smooth working relationships with Government stakeholders, like-minded civil societies and development partners,

9. Champion in taking the leading role on conservation and research of endemic and threatened birds of Ethiopia.

10. Successfully implemented several complex and multi-dimensional projects that involved stakeholders of different perspectives, including GEF IBA Project, MSB Project, RNE Project, ESTA Project, CEPF Project, etc.

11. Implemented quite a number of projects with conservation and livelihoods components in collaboration with Site Support Groups (SSGs), which can be replicated at other priority sites.

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