Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society

Competencies are internal positive aspects of an organization that enables it to achieve its objectives and mission. The core competencies of the Society include the following, among others:

1. Reputable image within the public domain both at domestic and international levels

2. Trustworthy track records in financial management, transparency and accountability

3. A wealth of experience in fund management & administration for other institutions. Thus far, EWNHS has managed funds for the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Horn of Africa  Regional Environment Center & Network, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Counterpart International and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.

4. Pioneer in promotion of Environmental Education in Ethiopia and production of thematic promotional materials (published and disseminated over 20 assorted thematic promotional publications)

5. An authority in the avifauna (bird community) of the country - a hub for avifauna of Ethiopia

6. Rich experience in project development, appraisal, management and monitoring

7. Well experienced in managing and implementing national, regional and international projects that are complex and involve multi-stakeholders

8. Flexible in assuming diversified assignments and discharging responsibilities effectively and ably

9. Rich experience in tourism and ecotourism promotion and infrastructural development

10. A wealth of experience in engaging local communities and facilitation of revolving micro-credits

11. Excellent team spirit and dedicated staff members who are able to work under high pressures and harsh conditions

12. Possesses up to the standard stand-alone procedural manuals and policy documents to guide and control the day-to-day activities of the Society

13. Smooth collaborative working relationships with and the ability to attract and retain range of stakeholders, partners and donors

14. Well experienced in networking with and accommodating the interests of like-minded stakeholders and partners

15. Highly resilient institution to have survived impacts of a series of government changes, competitions for resources amongst booming civil societies and donor-driven motives and changes in funding trends


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