Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society

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EWNHS is registered with the Charities and Societies Agency as a membership based Society, and therefore, running membership is a requirement for EWNHS rather than a preference. Moreover, EWNHS is a member of BirdLife International and closely cooperates with BirdLife partners to save birds and their habitats, through involvement of people. The bylaw of BirdLife compels all partners to be membership-based (to enhance networking, advocacy, lobbying and induce awareness). As a member of BirdLife, EWNHS needs to be a membership based Society and is required to incorporate membership as one of its core activities. To that effect, it is imperative that the Society will be obliged to run membership and mainstream the concept in the Society.



Membership shall be open to any person and institution/organization (CBO, NGO or GO) interested in the activities of the Society, and is willing to subscribe to its mission and objectives.


Depending on the membership category to which members have been subscribed, EWNHS provides to its members the services and materials indicated below:

  • Becoming member to EWNHS offers you the opportunity to contribute to conservation of your beloved country, by supporting an organization with half a century of achievements.
  • Providing opportunities to members to be involved in the activities of the Society on voluntary basis whereby you can gain work experiences useful for your future careers. Successful volunteers will be provided with certificates and or letters of recommendation.
  • Free participation in membership activities and meetings of the Society.
  • Discounted prices on the Society’s publications and merchandise, including books, T-shirts, CD's, etc.
  • Receiving of the Society’s Newsletter electronically.
  • The companionship of like-minded people, including scientists and all they have to offer.
  • Receiving of Walia, an annual quasi-scientific journal of the Society & Agazen (School Magazine).
  • Receiving of Thematic Readers, Posters, Flyers and Fact sheets when published with funding secured for other projects.
  • Providing the opportunity of field outings and hikes for Nature/Wildlife Club members and patrons when project funding is secured for the purpose, from donors.
  • Technical support and training to patrons of Nature Clubs that are members.
  • Stationery materials for Nature Clubs intending to produce Club Magazines.
  • Technical assistance to Nature Clubs when they are organizing events like World Environment Day and Arbor Day celebrations.
  • Nursery tools and assorted indigenous tree seeds for member schools and community nature clubs involved in greening activities and rehabilitation of degraded areas when project funding is secured for the purpose from donors.
  • Access to publishing relevant resource materials at the website of the Society.
  • One of the biggest benefits of being a member is recognizing that you are contributing to save Ethiopia’s natural heritage, for yourself, your children and the generation to come.


As policy, EWNHS envisages that the following major benefits can be accrued from members:

  • Members are used as tools to sustain most activities of the society, although not in terms of financial sustainability as yet.
  • Members are income generators (contribute to the core funding of the organization).
  • Core-funding comes from annual subscriptions but additional financial support can be gained from members through appeals for specific work and paying a certain percentage to EWNHS and being  involved in fund-raising campaigns organized by the Society.
  • Membership fees are usually considered as very valuable source of income as they are not earmarked for specific activities and can be thus used flexibly whenever the organization wishes to cover core costs such as salaries and office running costs.
  • Members can be mobilized to play active roles in advocacy, lobbying and awareness raising.
  • Members provide expertise in the form of voluntary services (unpaid time).
  • Members assist in networking and promoting their mother Society.
  • Members can play decisive roles in building the image of the organization of which they are a part.
  • Members can be a source of influence in winning the support of the public, politicians and policy decision-makers for the Society to meet its objectives.
  • Number of members also matters in terms of giving weight and credibility to statements made through the organization (e.g. when lobbying and advocating at national level).
  • Members can help the Society to stay focused on its original mission.
  • Members can provide useful advice on the future direction of the Society.
  • Membership is both a support to EWNHS (in terms of finance, advocacy, influence, lobbying) and involvement (in the Society’s activities as volunteers).
  • The objectives of EWNHS can be better achieved through education, networking, awareness raising and dissemination of information, advocacy, monitoring and fundraising. The Society’s members play decisive roles as springboards in promoting the objectives of the organization. Therefore, membership is the organization’s constituency to help promote organizational objectives.
  • Threatened animals cannot speak for themselves, but you can speak out for them via the support you provide to the EWNHS.
  • Write protest letters and sign petitions in support of our campaigns as deemed necessary.
  • Inform friends and all your contacts of the threats to biodiversity, natural resources and the environment as a whole.
  • Assist in fund-raising and establishing contact with relevant conservation collaborators.
  • A little help from you can help save species, sites and habitats and improve livelihoods of site adjacent impoverished people

Download membership Brochure Here  (PDF 545KB)

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