Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society

The Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Center (HoA-REC) is funding a project titled School Environmental Education and Sustainability Project in Gambella and  Central  Rift  Valley  (CRV).  The project  is focusing  on environmental education and school water supply and sanitation support among others. Activities involved with school water  supply  include  improvement  of  water supply and  sanitation, while  environmental  education focuses on supporting environmental clubs and capacity building. The project involves a total number of twenty one schools where as eight are from Gambela and thirteen are from CRV. The aim of environmental education in schools is to  sensitize  environmental  ideas  in  young  minds so that they  grow  as  environment  friendly citizens.

So far stakeholders in the project area have met to plan and strategize on implementation of the project, used the environmental celebration day to raise community awareness.



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