Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society

NABU is funding a project on eco-tourism Infrastructure Development & Training at the newly established Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve (LTBR) in Bahir Dar. The main objective of the project is to develop and promote eco-tourism in LTBR. The project is associated with activities such as awareness raising, development of infrastructure (sign boards and direction indicating arrows for visitors, nature trails and paths), training of stakeholders such as hotel owners, tour operators, local communities, boat owners and operators and the staff of tourist office in the region. Furthermore, the project has undertaken the development of tourism infrastructure at Zege Peninsula by putting up signs boards which bear logos and names of ancient monasteries, direction indicating marks on trees and stones, and arrows  so that visitors could easily find their way as they walk to see the monasteries and other natural attractions in the peninsula. Most project activities apart from latrines have been completed.

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