validation workshop on Vulture Poisoning

Validation workshop on Vulture Poisoning

The very much anticipated validation workshop on Vulture Poisoning took place for two days (July 25-26 2022) at Sapphire hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This high-profile workshop was attended by local office-bearers, decision makers, scholars, members from prominent international NGOs as well as the national consulting firm (ABH Consultancy). On the day Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Authority, Ethiopia Public Health Institute, Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, Addis Ababa Cleansing Agency, Pan Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University, Kotebe Education University and Birdlife Africa were duly represented in person.

The Host, Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society (EWNHS), presented an opening speech and gave a highlight on the path that lead to the need for conducting this research on Vulture poisoining . It was then followed by the presentation of the applied methodology and research findings that helped to acquire the same. The workshop theme was further augmented with additional input in the form of presentations. The presentations included 1. Rules and regulations on purchasing and handling of potent chemicals in Ethiopia by Adem from the Ministry of Agriculture, 2. Using strychnine to control stray dogs and other alternatives by Mengistu from the EWNHS, 3. Vulture Poisoning Response Mechanisms by Solomon from the EWNHS, 4. Vulture Poisoning in Africa and solutions by Jacob from BirdLife International Africa. Meanwhile, participants forwarded inputs, questions and discussion points to help in producing a more complete document on Vulture Poisoning.

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