MSBs-Energy-Waste Sector World Migratory Birds Day (WMBD) celebration, 2022

MSBs-Energy-Waste Sector World Migratory Birds Day (WMBD) celebration,

Logiya, Gewane, Metehara, Koka and Ziway

World Migratory Birds Day (WMBD), 2022 organized by the project “Promoting Migratory Soaring Birds (MSBs) conservation considerations in energy infrastructure deployment in relation to waste disposal in urban centers in Ethiopia” was celebrated in Logia and Gewane towns in Afar region, Eastern part of the Central Rift valley and Metehara, Koka and Batu/Ziway towns in Oromia Region. This day is an awareness raising campaign highlighting the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. It aims to draw attention to the threats faced by migratory birds, their ecological importance, and the need for international cooperation to conserve them. “Impact of Light Pollution on Migratory Birds” is the theme of this year’s World Migratory Bird Day campaign. And “Dim the Lights for Birds at Night!” has been selected as the official slogan of the 2022 Participants of World Migratory Bird Day celebration were heads and representatives of Electricity Utilities Centers of the towns, municipalities’ heads, waste management experts, Natural resource and environmental protection office experts, urban agriculture offices experts as well as culture and tourism offices representatives, communication officers of the towns. World Migratory Bird Day, 2022 were celebrated at Logiya, Gewane, Metehara, in 24 May at Koka and in 23 May at Ziway by gathering heads and officials from the above mentioned sectors together . This event is organized to increase the level of awareness of the participants about the threats that birds are facing and to share their experiences and comments. This year official slogan was presented on the banner “Impact of Light Pollution on Migratory Birds.”

The celebration enabled participants know Light pollution can cause birds to change their migration patterns, foraging behaviors and vocal communication, resulting in disorientation and collisions. Participant from Metehara mentioned so many strong artificial lights of various business centers and small shops are using at night in Metehara town as promotion for their businesses but these people are not aware how the lights affect the birds as many birds including migratory birds have spent the night at the top of buildings and trees in this town. Therefore, the municipality of Metehara as important sector will have additional responsibility in awareness creation about the bird-light problem.

The event was not conducted in a regular meeting as previous in each of the five districts, and the participants were given the opportunity to present their observations of birds in their local area.

Most of the participants indicated that they were not aware that these birds have significant environmental, economic and social importance instead they have mentioned how they are important and its contribution to agriculture.

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