Hooded Vultures

The following text was adopted from https://www.4vultures.org/Guinea-Bissau became a vulture graveyard over the past couple of months, with an unprecedented situation killing a minimum of 1,600 Hooded Vultures (Necrosyrtes monachus), and probably many more, and causing a devastating blow to the conservation of a species that is threatened with extinction in Africa.

“Guinea-Bissau holds one of the healthiest populations of this African species, with some estimates suggesting the country holds more than a fifth of the continents global population of Hooded Vultures, but events of this scale will have adverse effects on their national but also regional West African population”, said José Tavares, VCF’s director

በቅርቡ፡ከመካከለኛው፡አፍሪካ፡ሀገራት፡መሀል፡በሆነችው፡በጊኒ፡ቢሳዎ አለማችን፡አይታው የማታውቀው፡የጆፌ: አምራዎች፡እልቂት፡ተከስቷል። ይህ፡የሰዉ፡ልጅ፡ፍላጐት፡ዳርቻ፡ቢስነት፡በገሀድ፡የታየበት፡ክስተት፡የባዕድ፡እምልኮን፡በአመንክንዮነት: እንድንቀበል፡ ታሳቢ ያደርጋል። ከ1600፡በላይ፡የሆኑ፡ቡኒ፡የጆፌ፡አምራዎች፡ሆን፡ ተብሎ፡ በመርዝ በተለወሰ፡”ጉርሻ” ፡በጥቂት፡ወራት፡ውስጥ፡እንደ፡ቅጠል: ረግፈዋል። ጊኒ፡ቢሳዎ፡የቡኒ: የጆፌ፡አሞራ፡ዘርን፡ከአምስት፡አንድ፡እጁን፡ይዛ፡የምትገኝ፡መሆኗ፡የጆፌ አምራዎች፡ቀጣይ፡ትውልድ፡እጣ፡ፈንታ፡ትልቅ፡ባለድርሻ፡አካል፡ለመሆኗ፡ማስረጃ፡ነው። በመሆኑም፡ይህ፡በአይነቱና፡በስፋቱ፡አቻ፡ያልተገኘለትን፡እልቂት፡ለማስቆም፡ብሎም፡ላይደገም፡መተማመኛ፡ከአሰፈጻሚ፡አካላት፡ይገኝ፡ዘንድ፡ተፅዕኖ፡ለማድረግ፡ይህ፡የፊርማ መርሀ ግብር ተዘጋጅቷል:: ቀጥሎ የሚገኝውን:ማያያዣ: ይከተሉ … https://secure.avaaz.org/…/guineabissau_government…/details/

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